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NCGA Accociate Golf Club
Club Champion

Mark O'Donoghue
Match Play

Cameron Fernandez
Saracco Cup

Steve Mocker
Flight Champions

L. Fernandez - F1
M. O'Donoghue - F2
C. Shirashyad - F3
Tan Le - F4
Flight Point Champions

C. Fernandez (F1)
Jeff Trevena (F2)
Mark Silvera (F3)
Steve Mocker (F4)

John Briggs - 1'5"
Diego Perez - 2'0"


Senior Four-Ball Championship NCGA Qualifier & Individual Low Net

Poplar Creek Golf Club

Saturday, June 11, 2022

First Tee Time 10:00 AM

  Room for 64 Players.  

Tournament Format: Individual Low Net

This is an individual stroke play event from the white tees for all golfers. Each player will play his own ball and will receive 95% of his Course Handicap based on June 6 index report. All putts must be holed, there are no "gimmies." Ties will be decided by matching scorecards (with handicaps) using the USGA "Back Nine" tie breaking system. If players are still tied, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.


This is also a Club Qualifier for the NCGA Associate Club Senior Four-Ball Championship. Six seniors will qualify and represent the Sunol Valley Men's Golf Club at the NCGA local qualifying tournament to be held in August of 2022 at a site TBD. The top 2 qualifying members will receive paid entry while the next 4 individual low net scores will qualify. Seniors must have reached their 55th birthday on or before September 7, 2022 in order to qualify.


A maximum handicap of 18.5 will be in effect for club qualifying though players will stroke off of their full index for awards and all other competitions.

Member and Guest fees are $85; includes green fees, carts and prize fund. Closest to the Pin on all par-3 holes will be awarded. Optional scratch and handicap Skins game will be available in the A/B format at $20 each. 

See Tournament Day Rules Sheet for clarification on Bunker play.

All awards will be distributed at the following event or electronically where possible. 

Closest-to-the Pin

Kory Seely - 1'3"
Tom Connor - 2'5"


May 2022 Champions at Blue Rock Springs - East Course!

Associate Club Championship:
NCGA Qualifiers

Flight 1: WIll Fahy (Net 71)

Flight 2: Doug Crane (Net 70)

Flight 3: Ed Gines (Net 68)

Flight 4: San Asuti (Net 74)

Associate Club Championship:
Flight Winners 

Flight 1

1st - WIll Fahy (Net 71)

2nd - Mike Armstrong (Net 72)

3rd - David Walter (Net 72)

Flight 2

1st - Doug Crane (Net 70)

2nd - Kory Seely (Net 70)

3rd - Frank Gosen (Net 72)

Flight 3

1st - Ed Gines (Net 68)

2nd - Mark Silvera (Net 70)

3rd - George Nesbit (Net 71)

Flight 4:

1st - San Asuti (Net 70)

2nd - Michael Sullivan (Net 73)

3rd - Steve Mocker (Net 73)


Hole #2 - Jeff Trevena - 5'10"

Hole #6 - Jeff Trevena - 11'0"

Hole #8 - Dave Lim - 5'2"

Hole #11 - Ross Burgess - 13'0"

Hole #16 - CJ Johnson - 15'2"

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